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The broker has continued with the pipeline of incentives in its efforts to suit as many clients as possible with the introduction of swap-free trading on accounts. 
As some of you know, swaps are the fees that are charged on one's account when the trader keeps positions open overnight. Usually, the swaps are not very big, especially if you check out the trading terms of TKBC account or if you trade with majors solely. But they can be rather large when it comes to crosses or exotics, and I would not even imagine what happens when one trades metals. Moreover, swap-free accounts are not always a money-saving matter.

Hence, no wonder that this type of accounts has grown so popular – our list of Forex brokers that offer Islamic accounts (i.e., swap-free accounts) comprises massive 75 names, and it's widening further

So, why would anyone opt for swap-free trading on a account by TKBCFX?
For starters, among all accounts offered by the broker, this is the one that allows you to start trading with the lowest initial deposit – merely $25. Then, the spread is fixed (this is not so bad for beginners) and you can trade with micro lots. Adding to the positive news, the broker is offering a leverage of up to 1:500 which allows you to significantly boost your trading power

I would personally recommend this account in a combination with swap-free trading not only to Muslim traders, but also to those of you who tend to hold positions open for longer periods of time and to those of you who use expert advisors (we are talking about the MT4 platform here) that are based on long-term strategies such as swing trading.


Why choose TKBC?

 Flexible Risk Management

TKBC’s liquidity providers allow their White Label partners flexible options to offset all, some, or no market risk. With this flexibility, White Label partners can choose to act as an agent or market maker.


 System Security

Rely on our secure trading platform in the deal flow process with:

  • 128 bit encryption
  • Secure password system
  • Limited viewing and updating rights to various participants
  • Activity reports on the Server

TKBC’s secure system aims to obstruct and prevent:

  • Malicious operations from staff (brokers and managers) and administration;
  • Staff operational errors;
  • Attempts of hacking by clients and other external parties;
  • Problems with performance of the computer equipment;
  • Problems with the delivery of quotations or prices


 Support Services

TKBC provides expert trading support 24 hours, 5 days a week. Not only do we offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in FX, derivatives and risk management, we are also leading innovative technology developers. Feel confident that TKBC will be able to match your needs with the right tailored liquidity solution whether you are an institution, bank or a broker in the financial services and online trading industry.



TKBC International Limited regulated. TKBC is fully committed to ensuring compliance with its ASIC licence requirements and n Corporations Law and has strict internal policies and procedures in place. TKBC holds client funds in segregated client trust accounts with AA rated National Bank (NAB), an ASIC approved deposit taking institution. TKBC is annually independently audited to ensure compliance.


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