MetaTrader 4 Forex and Deposit Bitcoin Institutional Account

TKBC Institutional STP/ECN accounts are designed for the serious trader. With a minimum set up of $100,000 the TKBC Institutional Account trader will have access to the extremely low commissions and ultra-tight spreads.

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Client Acknowledgement


Read And Understand The Below

By submitting this application you declare to TKBC International Limited that you confirm that you have read and understood the PDS including the terms and conditions of Contracts that form part of the PDS. You understand the risks associated with investing in the contracts described in the PDS. You understand that Contracts are leveraged products. This means a small movement in the market can lead to a much larger movement in the value of your investment. This can work against you as well as for you. You acknowledge that you could sustain a loss greater than and not limited to the margin that you have deposited with us. You believe that, based on your review of the PDS, you are capable of assessing the merits of and understanding the terms, conditions and risks of Contracts, therefore, the Contracts are an appropriate product for you to invest in. That the information that you have provided in this application form is true and correct and you will notify TKBC International Limited in writing if any information provided changes or ceases to be correct. You give permission for my n Tax File Number, if I have one and if provided, to be held by TKBC International Limited and to be used by online ID verification services purely for the purposes of verifying identity for account opening purposes. Customers applying from outside of acknowledge that TKBC International Limited has not actively solicited for business. All overseas Customers must check their own national laws and regulations. This application form requires you to disclose personal information. The "Privacy" section of the PDS explains how we collect personal information and then how we maintain, use and disclose this information. By signing and returning this application form, you acknowledge having reviewed the "Privacy" section of the PDS and you consent to us collecting, using and disclosing information about any person named in this application form for the purposes described in the "Privacy" section of the PDS. TKBC International Limited. By submitting this online application you accept and agree to the setup of an individual account.



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