Deposit Bitcoin

Diversify Your Portfolio. Hedge in a New Way. Quick and Big Gains

TKBC MetaTrader 4 clients have the upper hand with the new ability to combine their Forex trading with Deposit Bitcoin. For experienced Forex traders, the addition of Deposit Bitcoin will come with ease. Deposit Bitcoin trading is quick and can provide potential returns of up to 85%.

Unlike Forex trading, Deposit Bitcoin are trading instruments that only provide two proposition outcomes. bitcoin Option poses a closed answer question on whether a particular financial market event will occur or not over a specific time period.

For example, a bitcoin Option may ask: “Do you think that the AUD/USD will close higher or lower than its current price?” Here, your answer will either be ‘higher’ or ‘lower’. You then designate the amount you wish to invest in your designated answer.]


Benefits of trading Deposit Bitcoin

  • Potential returns of up to 85%
  • Easy to understand and add to current trading mix
  • No margins or commissions
  • Potential returns or losses are completely transparent
  • Maximum loss is capped at invested amount

Deposit Bitcoin trading can be executed online and on mobile browsers. The TKBC Deposit Bitcoin mobile version has been designed with larger buttons, a clear and easy-to-use tabbed interface platform and compatible with any mobile browser.

No downloading is required for the online or for mobile Deposit Bitcoin trading. TKBC MetaTrader 4 clients have access to all the High/Low, One Touch, Boundary and Short-Term Deposit Bitcoin trading across all platforms.


Add Deposit Bitcoin to your trading today

Use your existing TKBC MetaTrader Institutional MetaTrader Demo or Live account to start trading immediately via our Deposit Bitcoin platform

Deposit Bitcoin Platform


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