Trading CFDs With TKBC

Award Winning CFD Platform

Short for contracts for differences, CFDs allow you to speculate on the up or down movement of numerous financial markets. Unlike traditional trading, you don't actually own anything and can use leverage to trade large positions with a small amount of capital.


One of the most comprehensive CFD platforms available

Our award winning TKBC CFD Trader platform has an intuitive interface suited for new comers to trading, but also offers vast customisation to service experienced traders - with the largest selection of features, charting capabilities and indicators. With over 85 technical indicators available, eight chart types and a wide range of timeframes, identifying trends have never been easier. Organise and save your trading space so the platform is set up how you want every time you open the platform.


Trade safely and securely no matter where you are

Open a CFD account with TKBC and you'll have access to not one, but two world-class CFD trading platforms.

Our TKBC CFD Trader Web platform will give you access to your account safely and securely on any computer. No software to download or install, just access the platform on your web browser.


Key Features:

  • Un-docking capabilities - create full-screen charts in a new browser window, then resize as required
  • Charting - choose candlestick, line or bar charts
  • Analysis - 40 technical indicators, seven timeframes, historical data
  • Drawing - trace your own lines to effectively monitor market trendlines, support and resistance and Fibonacci retracements


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CFD Trader Web supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 & 9
  • Google Chrome*
  • Firefox 10+*
  • Safari 5*
  • Opera 10+*

*Please note you may experience occasional visual glitches on these browsers