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Place your investments in the expert hands of TKBC’s portfolio managers.

Gain instant market expertise while maintaining individual control and complete transparency. Let TKBC help manage your funds while following the investments you want and according to your preferred investment size, strategy and risk level.


Managed Account Overview

If you’re looking for some extra assistance with your investment strategy, try one of TKBC’s Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA).

When you choose to work with us for your managed account, you don’t only gain the expertise of an experienced asset manager. With TKBC, you get to retain control and maintain transparency across your investments. That lets us help provide you with alternative strategies that follow the investment direction you choose.


Global Premium MDA

Make the most of the natural diversity of liquid markets with TKBC’s Global Premium MDA.

This Managed Discretionary Account takes adGLOBAL TRADING of commodities, equities, currency and interest rates to provide a wide range of investment classes across geographic locations. The Global Premium MDA is highly suited to investors seeking a high return with available risk capital.

TKBC has developed this model to be highly scalable and consistently exhibit positive returns. This is based on quantitative volatility measures in combination with a patient approach; the Global Premium MDA is based on awaiting opportunities rather than forcing trades for the wrong reasons. This allows for tactical rebalancing and results in optimal risk/reward.


Dynamic FX MDA

Diversify your investment portfolio by joining the largest market in the world.

TKBC provides both Managed Forex Accounts and Managed Forex Portfolio Services through our Dynamic FX trading strategy.

This strategy is based on initiating short-term positions on a discretionary basis, within a statistically proven mechanical framework. By analysing current market conditions, seeking out high probability entry points and employing an active risk management strategy, we enable an optimal risk/reward profile. This applies across numerous trading opportunities, from the spot foreign exchange market to derivatives such as currency options.


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